Who is

I’m a long-distance hiker and mountaineer who walked across the entire continent of South America.

3 years, 6 amazing countries, 7 of the highest peaks in the western hemisphere, and more than 8,000 miles hiked across the longest mountain range on Earth!

The Caminante is the first book in a series about a three-year journey spent hiking the length of South America. A complete immersion into the cultures, traditions, politics, cuisine, and wild natural spaces of six amazing countries!

Darkness in the Light is about a long-distance hike on the Appalachian Trail in the eastern United States. From the North Georgia Mountains to Maine and everything in between! TIP from the trail: NEVER skip the chance to see a waterfall, they were all worth it...

An American Nomad is about a long-distance hike on the Pacific Crest Trail in the western United States. From border to border, the Mojave Desert to the High Sierras to King's Canyon to Yosemite to Crater Lake, to the wild Cascade Mountains, Mexico to Canada, this adventure will amaze and inspire:

A Strong West Wind is about a long-distance hike on the Continental Divide Trail in the center of the United States. From the high desert to the Colorado Rockies to Yellowstone, to the Wind Rivers and the raw wilderness of Wyoming and Montana, Mexico to Canada, an exciting end for the Triple Crown of Trails!

Thanks for visiting! I’ve been hard at work on new editions of my first three books and putting the finishing touches on my fourth book, The Caminante. Logistics for a solo ascent of Broad Peak in the Himilayas (8,051m/26,414ft) are already in motion for 2022, but might be delayed another year if the Covid-19 situation continues to affect base camps around the planet. I wish everyone good health and happiness during these trying times.

Enjoy the website, and safe travels!